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Many desirable features of LTC insurance are changing or going away altogether. Carriers are exiting, rates are rising and consumers are confused.

Is it time to give up on LTCI? Absolutely not!

It's time to read Phyllis Shelton's new book!

LTCI is still a viable and necessary planning tool for families and there are new and effective solutions available.

Let Phyllis show you how to adjust to the changing climate with new and insightful ideas – outside the box thinking that made her the industry leader in LTCI education, training and sales since 1991.

And it's not just an update of her last book – oh no! This one is BRAND NEW with all new strategies for planning ahead for long term care.

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Read what industry leaders are already saying about this amazing book:

"Phyllis Shelton is the only person I trust to keep me up to date on what I need to know. Read this book."
Suze Orman, #1 New York Times best-selling author and personal finance expert

"The name Phyllis Shelton is synonymous with long-term care education. Who better to guide you through the shoals of LTC planning in this time of rapid change and elevated risk?"
Steve Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform

"Medicare, Medicaid, 'stand-alone' long term care insurance, 'hybrids', caregivers, emotion-packed family considerations---if you want to make sense out of consumer chaos before a loved one encounters a long term care event, you need to read Phyllis Shelton's book."
Brian Ashe, Past President, Million Dollar Round Table, Illinois

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Protecting Your Family with Long-Term Care Insurance is the most honest, consumer-oriented book you will ever read on this topic. Some will call it an exposé on what is actually happening in the world of long-term care insurance, while going far beyond insurance to explain all types of long-term care planning.

Written in consumer language, it's chock full of "Consumer Alerts" to take the worry and confusion out of long-term care planning. Come along for an entertaining and incredibly insightful rendition of the long-term care issue in eight eye-opening chapters:

  • It's Not All About You
  • So You Think You Can Self-Insure?
  • The Ins and Outs of Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Where the Rubber Hits the Road: Premium, Underwriting and Claims
  • Employers: Why You Have to Lead, Not Follow
  • Alternatives to Long-Term Care Insurance
  • People Who Do Not Qualify for Long-Term Care Insurance
  • The M & Ms of Medicare

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Looking to become successful in
Worksite LTCI?

Then add Phyllis Shelton's Worksite LTCI Toolbox to your order

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GET BOTH BOOKS for only $34.95! (Save $6.95)

Phyllis Shelton's Worksite Long-Term Care Insurance Toolbox is the perfect book to teach you how to become successful in worksite LTCI. Phyllis has personally conducted enrollments in Tennessee over the past five years to perfect the process. Now you can read what works (and even what doesn't work – see chapter 12 "The Bloopers!")

You will learn the process from start to finish as this book teaches you step by step how to:

  • develop a worksite marketing plan
  • find the best prospects
  • determine the decision maker
  • do a formal proposal
  • make the employer sale
  • conduct a highly effective employee education campaign
  • do the personal consultations
  • how to get spouses and extended family members to apply
  • how to close the sale with each employee

You will also learn the difference between multi-life and true group and how each applies to the marketplace. You will want one for yourself and any other producers who work with you! This book is designed to be the essential toolbox you need to have successful participation with worksite LTCI cases – up to 50% or more on totally voluntary plans with no employer contribution for the right prospect.

Make it a Trifecta!
Buy Phyllis' Three Volume Set

Add one of Phyllis's new CONSUMER LEAD GENERATION BOOKLET to your order

The ABC's of Long Term Care Insurance is a quick, compassionate read to help your prospects determine if long term care insurance is a fit for them. It provides a checklist of the main benefit decisions that will determine their premium.

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