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Phyllis Shelton's Seminar Selling System

This is the most effective LTCI Seminar Selling System in the country! Everything you need to become THE expert in YOUR community. Don't accept any substitutes... this is the real thing!

“This is the one! My Seminar Selling System has ALL the tools to make YOU the LTCI expert in your community. It has so many new features, it’s incredible!

I achieved success in LTCI selling by conducting seminars – sometimes three a day! That was my way of getting in front of the most prospects. Hey, it worked for me and, for the past 17 years, I have taught over 55,000 agents all over the country the very same techniques with staggering results.”

New features just added:

  • Brand new animated slide delivery using Macromedia Flash TM for utmost audience attention
  • All new updated color hues
  • Editable opening slide so you can welcome your group by name
  • Easy to use slide suppression feature allows you to suppress slides for certain groups
  • New slides for business owners
  • Editable cost of care slide so you can customize to your area
  • New slides for Partnerships, HSA's, Alternate Funding and more...

Here’s a list of what’s included in my LTCI Seminar Selling System:


The 250+ page “brain” of the High Impact Seminar Selling System. Everything you need to know to achieve seminar marketing success in LTC insurance.


• PRACTICE VERSION - Listen to my audio voiceover for each slide in the presentation. After listening several times and studying the script, you will be ready to deliver this powerful seminar yourself!

• ACTUAL SEMINAR VERSION- Once you are ready, this is the actual presentation you will deliver to your seminar audience. I use real people slides to make the most impact because LTC is a family issue! It even has an editable opening slide so you can welcome your group by name!

• SEMINAR SCRIPTS- Included in this system are two scripts - Full Length (45 minute) version and Shortened (20 minute) version.

• CONSUMER SEMINAR HANDOUT- A must for your seminar audience to follow along with your seminar presentation. There are thumbnails of each slide with space for your seminar attendee to take notes. You can print them out yourself because we’ve included it on your CD or you can order from LTC Consultants - your choice!

• LOCAL COST SURVEY -Do your behind-the-scenes research before your seminar following my proven formula. It makes a great handout!

• TRAINING VIDEO - 7 Easy Steps to LTCI Success -so you can see how I got 80% of the attendees to say they wanted a sales appointment!


If you have ever purchased any of our systems, and are in our database as having purchased that system, you may be eligible for a system update instead of purchasing a brand new system. To find out if you are eligible for an update call 888-400-1118. We cannot accept any update order without LTC Consultants' internal verification of your previous system purchase. Our database verification process is considered final.