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ABCs of Long Term Care Insurance - Customized eBook

Over 100,000 ABCs books have been printed since their release! SO many agents asked for an electronic version—well here it is AND it’s easy to deliver!
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Protecting Your Family with Long-Term Care Insurance One-on-One Selling System Seminar Selling System Worksite Selling System

This 12-month subscription includes:

  • customized eBook with YOUR contact information
  • customized weblink
  • customized contact form
$29.99 Monthly

Monthly rate: $29.99 for 12 months

The $78.99 payment below is for your first month + the one-time $49 setup fee. After your first month, your card will then be charged $29.99 each month for the 11 remaining payments.

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$329 Annual

Choose our annual rate of $329 and save $30.88!

The $378 payment below is for your first year + the one-time $49 setup fee.

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