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Phyllis Shelton's Worksite Long-Term Care Insurance Toolbox

The perfect companion to Phyllis' Worksite Selling System. Using those worksite tools, she has conducted enrollments in TN over the past five years to perfect the process. Now you can read what works, and what doesn’t work – see Ch. 12 “The Bloopers!”

Phyllis Shelton’s Worksite Long-Term Care Insurance Toolbox is the perfect companion to her High-Impact Worksite Selling System. Using the worksite tools in that system, she has conducted enrollments in Tennessee over the past five years to perfect the process. Now you can read what works (and even what doesn’t work – see chapter 12 “The Bloopers!”)

You will learn the process from start to finish as this book teaches you step by step how to:

  • develop a worksite marketing plan
  • find the best prospects
  • determine the decision maker
  • do a formal proposal
  • make the employer sale
  • conduct a highly effective employee education campaign
  • do the personal consultations
  • how to get spouses and extended family members to apply
  • how to close the sale with each employee

You will also learn the difference between multi-life and true group and how each applies to the marketplace. You will want one for yourself and any other producers who work with you!

This book is designed to be the essential toolbox you need to have successful participation with worksite LTCI cases – up to 50% or more on totally voluntary plans with no employer contribution for the right prospect. The “tools” (presentations and sample documents) are all in Phyllis Shelton’s High Impact Worksite Selling System, along with additional sales training with video and audio.

Because Phyllis believes worksite is the fastest way to help families plan for long-term care, she wants you to have the right tools for your toolbox. If you order the High-Impact Worksite Selling System along with the Worksite Toolbox book, you can enter BOOK in the coupon code box during checkout to get $100 off!


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