About LTC Consultants

Founded by Phyllis Shelton in 1991, LTC Consultants is a third-party training company in the long term care insurance industry. In addition to marketing a complete line of long-term care insurance sales and marketing materials, LTC Consultants provides consulting and sales training to insurance companies, independent and captive financial service professionals, state Medicaid departments and to long-term care providers. LTC Consultants has conducted long term care insurance training and marketing material programs for 10 of the nation's top 15 LTC insurance carriers. It also conducts consumer education on the benefits of long term care insurance.

It is Phyllis Shelton's firm belief that planning for long-term care is not just a good idea, but is essential for every American so that families may retain independence and choice when care is needed.

If you're a concerned consumer, this web site will arm you with the knowledge you need to plan for the years ahead.