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LTCI Tax incentives need your immediate attention!

Hello, Everybody!!

If we are going to help solve the crisis concerning long-term care this year and in the future, WE MUST HAVE AN ABOVE-THE-LINE TAX INCENTIVE. So consider this an SOS from me to get the proposed legislation passed that we need to accomplish this tax incentive!! You need do little more than ask your legislators for co-sponsorship and active support of the proposed bills (H.R. 2682 in the House and S. 1244 in the Senate).

Here's what you can do: WRITE or FAX or PHONE the representatives in your state and ask them to co-sponsor and actively support House bill, H.R. 2682, the Long Term Care and Retirement Security Act of 2005, as introduced May 26, 2005 by Representative Nancy Johnson (R-CT).

Then WRITE or FAX or PHONE the senators in your state and ask them to co-sponsor and actively support S. 1244, the identical companion bill in the senate introduced June 14, 2005 by Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA).

Here's a sample letter you can fax or mail or call with this message. DO NOT EMAIL BECAUSE THEY DON'T READ EMAILS!!!

Dear Rep/Sen. __________:

I believe the real health care crisis in America is long-term care, and your help is desperately needed to do something NOW to help! Since it's far cheaper to pass tax incentives for long-term care insurance than to pay for the baby boomers to wind up on Medicaid for long-term care, please not only actively support, but CO-SPONSOR (H.R. 2682/S.1244) to give Americans the incentive to pay privately for long-term care with long-term care insurance whenever possible instead of depending on taxpayer dollars through Medicaid. We need those dollars for education and a host of other things!

As you know, long-term care affects most Americans either as caregivers or care recipients, and without your help as a co-sponsor, Rep/Sen. _________, this bill doesn't have enough support, and that's why I am asking personally for your help.


Your Name

To get the contact information for your representatives, go to www.house.gov/writerep

For contact info for your senators, go to www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm.

Again, don't email them...use the links above to get to their website to get their mailing address, phone number or fax number, and do one or more of those. Simply stated, they get too many emails to give them individual attention!

Please act on this immediately....I know it will take a few minutes and is slower than emailing, but we have the quality of life for Americans in this generation at stake and many generations to come. For an in depth overview of the legislation section, return to our home page and read "Why Long-Term Care Insurance Tax Incentives are Critical for the American Economy".

THANK YOU and tell as many people as you can so we can MAKE A NATIONAL CAMPAIGN HAPPEN!!!

Phyllis Shelton, President
LTC Consultants

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