What you get for attending:

In addition to gaining in-depth knowledge of Worksite LTCI and Combo LTCI products, you'll also receive a copy of Phyllis Shelton's soon-to-be-released book:

Phyllis Shelton's WORKSITE Long-Term Care Insurance TOOLBOX

Expected release date 5/20/10


Phyllis Shelton's soon-to-be-released

High Impact LTCI Combo Sales Presentation

on a convenient
thumb-drive USB device.

Expected release date 5/20/10

The Conference Facility:

Willis Conference Center

Just minutes from the Nashville airport, the Willis Conference Center Amphitheatre has been LTC Consultants’ favorite seminar location since 1998. It features tiered schoolroom seating that accommodates up to 200 people. The amphitheatre's front and rear screen projection facilities and performance-quality acoustics make it the ideal location for our training meetings. You’ll just love the atmosphere -- and the all-day beverages and snacks (the cookies are to-die for!)



Dear LTCI Sales Professional:

Mark your calendars for May 24-26, 2010 and plan to attend the industry's first Long Term Care Insurance WORKSITE and COMBO Products Conference in Nashville, TN!

The LTCI industry is headed in a new direction. In 2008, 51% of all LTCI sales happened at work - a combination of true group and multi-life.and that trend continues! And, multi-life LTCI grew almost 50% between 2007 and 2008!! Yes, individual LTCI sales are down, but the real growth in LTCI will continue to be in these worksite and combo products.

What are combo/hybrid products you may ask? Thanks to the January 1, 2010 Pension Protection Act effective date and the ability to turn taxable gain from non-qualified annuities into tax-free distributions for LTCI benefits - this will be an exploding market for LTCI sales. In order for you to market or compete with these products, you need to know how they work and how they are marketed. This conference will show you exactly that!

Put yourself on the cutting edge by attending this industry-first conference led by industry-leading speaker, author and LTCI sales trainer, Phyllis Shelton. What's different about this conference and why do we say it's a conference like no other?

  • In preparation for this market explosion, Phyllis Shelton has conducted worksite enrollments in Tennessee for the last four years with amazing results. She'll share those methods with you so you can achieve similar results! Those of you who know Phyllis know that she never teaches something that she has not mastered herself and her worksite results are already legendary. Compared to industry LTCI worksite averages, these enrollments have resulted in:

    • DOUBLE the industry-average premium

    • TRIPLE the participation of employees and family members; and

    • QUADRUPLE the industry-average commission!!

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Register before May 15th and SAVE $100!

Phyllis, in conjunction with a select panel of worksite LTCI manufacturers, will teach you how to achieve worksite LTCI success along with answering ALL of your questions in an interactive format - all from the main platform. You'll also receive her soon-to-be-released Worksite Selling book - Phyllis Shelton's WORKSITE Long-Term Care Insurance TOOLBOX - for attending with complete instructions covering everything from prospecting to making the sale.

But that's not all! Here are some additional reasons why you need to attend:

  • Combo/hybrid product presentations will be conducted by select product manufacturers (since this concept is just taking off, you need to hear directly from the source!) - You'll hear exactly how the products work, the target market for each and SALES IDEAS!

  • This is a "recruit-free" conference - you have access to the home office executives and product managers, not MGAs, with lots of time to ask them your most important questions.

  • Finally, this is a conference like no other because it's two solid days of information delivered from the main platform with NO BREAKOUT SESSIONS!

This event isn't just to give you a few sales ideas. This conference will deliver the detailed nuts and bolts - nothing held back - so you can walk out of it and be comfortable with either path - worksite or combo LTCI (or both!).

So if you are serious about selling long term care insurance you simply can't miss this special May 24-26, 2010 event. It will put you in a position of strength to reach new levels of success in LTCI sales - now and in the future.

The event will be held at the beautiful Willis Conference Center near the Nashville, TN airport and is limited to 200 attendees - because that's all this elite conference center will hold. We have arranged for a special room rate of $114 at the host hotel - Embassy Suites Nashville airport location.

There will be TWO NIGHTS of Music City USA entertainment - a registration reception with entertainment at the Embassy Suites host hotel on May 24th and a fun-filled barbecue dinner at the world famous Wildhorse Saloon in downtown Nashville on May 25th - with live music, food and line dancing lessons for all! Phyllis is famous for delivering the most entertaining conferences in the industry - ask anyone who has ever attended!!

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Register before May 15th and SAVE $100!

Here’s just a sample of the two day agenda!

State of the LTCI Industry  2010
The Silver Bullet: Prospecting and Making the Employer Sale
The Gold Bullet:
The Employee Communication Process
The Platinum Bullet: Making the Employee and Family Members Sale
The Tax Ramifications of the Pension Protection Act for LTCI
Anatomy of the Life/LTCI product
Dissecting the Annuity/LTCI product
The Heartbeat of the Combo LTCI Sale
Multiple Panels with the Product Manufacturers for Audience Q&A

This event is limited to the first 200 people so be sure you are one of them by registering soon!! And, if you register before May 15, 2010, you'll save $100!

  • You'll receive ideas and tools that you can use to ignite your LTCI sales including Phyllis Shelton's new soon-to-be-released book Phyllis Shelton's WORKSITE Long-Term Care Insurance TOOLBOX.

  • AND - you'll also receive her soon-to-be-released High Impact LTCI Combo Sales Presentation on an easy to use flash drive!

Can you afford NOT to attend? By attending this one-of-a-kind SPECIAL EVENT, you'll learn how to take advantage of the two newest (and growing!) trends in LTCI sales.

May is a beautiful month in Tennessee! Why not make it a family event? Everyone will enjoy visiting Nashville - Music City USA! Southwest Airlines offers incredibly low fares to Nashville - one of its destination cities!

And if you register before May 15, 2010, you'll save $100 off your registration!

So don't wait - be one of the 200 charter attendees to this first-time event and learn how to re-ignite your LTCI sales for the next decade!

But be sure to register before 5/15/10 to save $100

For more info call 888-400-1118 or click on the link below:

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Register before May 15th and SAVE $100!

Here’s what some of your fellow sales professionals said after attending one of Phyllis Shelton’s training seminars:

“Prior to your seminar, our agency had virtually no LTCI sales. In the 9 weeks following your seminar, we wrote 70 LTCI applications totaling over $150,000 in premium! There is no doubt in my mind that without your seminar, our agency would NEVER have reached the production levels we are now enjoying. I seriously recommend your seminar to any agency manager or agent who is serious about increasing LTCI production.”
G.R. Brentwood, TN

“I just had an appointment with a couple who had previously met with 4 other LTCI agents, but I went through the entire sales presentation anyway – just like you taught me. They decided to buy their LTCI policy from me because they said that none of the others explained LTCI to them the way I did. I wrote 12 LTCI applications THIS WEEK thanks to your training! This goes to show – NEVER CHEAT ON THE PRESENTATION – and ALWAYS sell value – not price!"
B.T. San Diego, CA

“I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your Nashville seminar. It was the most well-organized, comprehensive, and beneficial seminars I have attended in my 25 years in the insurance business! It was also my first visit to Nashville, and the city and the facilities were top notch!”

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Register before May 15th and SAVE $100!

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