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Please let me know by May 4th if you are interested in my new webinar schedule

As many of you realize, I haven't been touring since my 2010 "Worksite and Combo Products Tour", due to many years of too much wear and tear on my body :) Well, I just came back from the ILTCI meeting in Colorado Springs with the realization that sales training for the long-term care planning process could really use a shot in the arm! Not only that, there are so many NEW solutions today and I don't see them pulled together in one place. With today's technology, I believe I can make that happen, with the help of several experts around the nation in these various solutions.

In fact, I've already tested the waters with you by hosting the webinar "A New Way to Pay for Long-Term Care that I Think You Should Know About" on 3/31 and 4/2. That one covered a new type of life settlement that sets up a benefit account for qualified LTC services so that the money can be paid out tax-free instead of in a lump sum in a regular life settlement that can have a tax implication. It was very well-attended, but if you miss it, you can access it here.


Please look at the list of topics below and let me know if you would be interested in subscribing to a one-hour webinar for each topic with the chance to listen to the recorded version if you can't attend the live session? Heads up - the live sessions will be interactive as I will moderate and take questions and discussion, plus you will be seeing me throughout to make it seem like a live tour! So here are the topics in no particular order:

How to sell long-term care insurance that is affordable in today's market  (who doesn't want to know this???)
The latest research published in 2014 on benefits actually being paid utilizing claims studies from AHIP/LifePlans and the Society of Actuaries LTCi Experience Report
Equity index annuities to fund LTC, with and without underwriting  (a brave new exciting frontier!)
How to convert term life insurance into guaranteed issue LTC insurance  (this one took my breath away)
How to find money to pay for LTC by using High-Deductible Plan F with a reserve annuity that guarantees 3% interest and no surrender charges  (completely opened my eyes)
The latest with using reverse mortgages to fund LTC and LTC insurance and how to work with the non-cross selling law
My formula for analyzing a rate increase and retaining the client  (I've had phenomenal feedback on this one)
How to successfully do internet selling, including technology tips  (hey if I can do it...)
Selling home care services to people who can't qualify for LTC insurance  (the home care industry finally loves us!)
My favorite linked benefit products and how not to sell them  (yes, that's definitely a teaser)
How to sell LTC insurance to companies of all sizes  (don't blow this off – we're doing it NOW throughout Tennessee)

So that's the list of topics. Will you please email me at phyllis@ltcconsultants.com and tell me:

  1. if you are interested in having these webinars
  2. if so, what are your top three topics?
  3. Any other topics you would like to see?
  4. Would you pay $29 per webinar for all of them, $39 each for 5-9 of them, or $49 each for less than 5? That way you can buy packages that won't break the bank.

Remember you will have access to the recordings and handouts if you can't attend a live session. And, I may sneak in some Nashville music 15 minutes before each session to replicate the band we always had at our Nashville meetings!

So come on – please let me know how you feel by Monday, May 4th by emailing me at phyllis@ltcconsultants.com so I can either drop this whole idea or move ahead with it.

Phyllis Shelton


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