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Phyllis Shelton Shares Her Personal
Long-Term Care Insurance Sales Process

This letter is to dispel the myths about what I've been doing lately and share my personal LTCi sales process.

Apparently some people think I have retired from the long-term care insurance industry. I've retired from teaching live classes (except for private requests) because all of my sales training is now in my marketing materials. Know what I'm doing mostly these days?


That's right. I've never stopped but it was always in conjunction with writing books, articles and conducting live or web-based training. Now I'm selling more than ever. Why? Because our country needs long-term care insurance so desperately that I think everyone who is able to should be on the front lines.

Don't worry. I always ask the people who reach out to me if they have a knowledgeable LTC insurance professional and if they do, I send them back to that person. If they ask, I give them free advice about what that person has recommended, but I send them back.

Another myth that has been floating around is that I'm an MGA trying to recruit agents. I am not. Five of my close friends write business under me so I can coach them. That's all. I don't have time nor the desire to be an MGA.

With all of that said, please know that since I'm selling actively, I'm in a position to help you more than ever by sharing what is working for me so well and keeping me at an 80% closing ratio. Here's my process:

  • The #1 way I make sales is to carry several copies of The ABCs of Long-Term Care Insurance in my purse at all times. I give it out relentlessly to as many people as possible. An earlier eblast shared the $27,000 annual premium that resulted from giving it to my eye surgeon.

  • For internet sales, I have the prospect answer a prequalification health questionnaire on my website, then send a copy of the ABCs book if the prospect appears to be insurable, all while setting an appointment to do a personal consultation. I tell them the little book will give them a foundation for planning for long-term care and to be sure to write their notes down at the end so we don't miss anything when we talk again.

  • At the personal consultation, I ask lifestyle and financial questions to customize a plan, after doing a two-minute educational overview with slides from my High-Impact One-On-One Selling System to be sure we're on the same page about the LTC issue. (I use join.me as a free screen sharing tool.)

  • I customize a plan that fits their budget, still using join.me as a free screen sharing tool. Prospects love that.

  • I email the plan(s) we discussed and set a closing appointment.

  • During both appointments, I use the closes that I've taught for years...they still work because they are just common sense.

    How much have I sold with this process? $300,000 over the past three years...and that's just individual. That doesn't count worksite sales since I split those with Tennessee brokers who ask for my help.

Phyllis Shelton


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