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Medicaid Expansion Brings In Younger
But Sicker Enrollees

The January 2014 issue of Health Affairs continues to confirm my prediction that Medicaid expansion will bring in younger, but sicker, enrollees and therefore represents a major threat to our economy.

"Previous research indicates that the newly eligible population might be somewhat healthier on average than the current Medicaid population. However, the people who enroll (at least initially) will likely be in worse health than newly eligible adults who do not enroll." (p. 84)


To offset this, we need more people buying long-term care insurance instead of not planning and winding up on Medicaid for LTC!

I bring you back to my “Real Choice” campaign to fund long-term care. People need to understand that buying or not buying long-term care insurance is no longer a personal decision. The decision to plan for long-term care affects all of us, because not planning can mean taking dollars out of our state budget that could have gone to our children and grandchildren’s education or to funding jobs or to all the other vital services we need our state to afford. Please print out the free brochure and help me spread the word.


Oh, and planning to self-insure needs to be well thought out. For many, this is a method of denial to avoid dealing with the idea that one might someday be dependent on others. In most parts of the country if historical trends continue, we can expect long-term care to cost around $30,000 a month in 30 years. That is a growth rate of 5-6% compound based on the average annual growth between 1987 of $56 a day to about $215 a day in 2013.

The naysayers are quick to say that’s only for nursing home care and that other forms of care are growing much slower. That used to be true, but the Genworth Cost of Care Survey shows how much faster assisted living facilities’ costs are growing as more baby boomers learn about them and move their parents in. Home care is growing the slowest but look for that to change as the baby boomers hit their care recipient years with an already acute shortage of caregivers. Robots, anyone?


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