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Executive Summary
The Real Choice Campaign to Shrink (Not Expand) Medicaid:
Giving Up Small Dollars for Long-Term Care Insurance
or Giving Up Large Dollars for Education?
(Hint: Americans Don’t Have to Choose)

Problem: Americans don’t understand that the choice between insuring for long-term care or not insuring is not just a personal choice involving insurance.

The Real Choice: Americans are really choosing between paying long-term care insurance premium which leaves dollars in the state budget for education or not buying LTC insurance, which diverts state budget dollars to Medicaid instead of to education and other vital services.

Have the Governor hold a press conference that there will be a three-month educational outreach around the state with the message that long-term care is consuming Medicaid dollars that could be spent on education, public works and to fund jobs for public employees. The outreach will consist of two parts:

Part I: Educational information will be disseminated at regular intervals to consumers and to financial professionals (see topics below).

Part II: The Medicaid division and Department of Insurance will be sending a two-person team to speak to the employer organizations and insurance organizations. The fastest way to keep dollars in the state budget for these purposes is for employers to offer long-term care insurance down to age 18 with a one-time opportunity for limited health questions so that almost everyone can get it. Some companies extend limited health questions to working spouses, and by offering it to all adults, regardless of age, eligible family members like parents, grandparents, siblings and adult children are more likely to be younger and healthy enough to qualify with full underwriting. Partnership long-term care insurance plans that are available in 40 states provide the incentive for this state-wide effort, as policyholders can protect assets equal to benefits paid out from spend-down at eligibility and from estate recovery if the insurance isn’t enough and they ever have to apply for the Medicaid long-term care benefit. I will provide the PowerPoint presentation for this effort at no charge, along with seven articles (see below) that can be disseminated through state publications to consumers by someone in the governor’s office or in the Medicaid division and to insurance professionals through eblasts by the insurance department. The premium tax of about 2% per policy paid by insurance carriers will pay for the travel budget for the statewide educational tour within a 12 month period of when the tour starts. (500 policies can generate about $15,000 which funds 60 days of travel – 30 per person – at $250 per day.)

Phyllis Shelton, President
LTC Consultants
615-590-0300 office (x114)
April 4, 2012

The seven articles are written in two separate series - one targeted to insurance professionals and the other targeted to consumers but they can be broken up into as many articles as needed. Here are the themes:

  • The Impact of Long-Term Care on the Family
  • The Financial Impact of Long-Term Care
  • The Impact of Long-Term Care on State Budgets and Why It Matters to You
  • The Impact of the Long-Term Care Partnership on State Budgets
  • The Impact of a Well-Designed Long-Term Care Partnership Policy
  • The Impact of the Need for Long-Term Care on Employers
  • The Impact of Long-Term Care on the Nation
  • The Impact of Long-Term Care Insurance on Your Profession (financial professionals only)


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