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Phyllis Shelton's Client Story
Wins Life Foundation Award

I was overjoyed to have a story about one of my client's selected to appear in the Sept. 14th issue of Newsweek. It was selected as a Life Foundation award along with 3 other stories that were honored at an awards banquet in Orlando on 9/13 for 600 people. The other 3 stories are about life insurance, including one about one of the pilots who lost his life in 9/11. This is the only long-term care insurance story. There was a four minute video then I talked for four minutes (yes, it's possible!) then Mr. Duckett talked at the banquet and did an outstanding job. He is now 84 but still plays golf twice a week (and shoots his age!). The Life Foundation paid all expenses for Bill and me to go to Orlando 9/11-9/14 as well as for Mr. Duckett and his son. I've been using this story in my speeches for about three years so it has blessed a lot of people. Mr. Duckett told me that his most precious asset was his wife, Helen, and being able to take care of her meant more to him than any amount of money ever could.

As you know, helping families plan for long-term care is my ministry and mission in life, so I'm thrilled it got
selected for national recognition. Please feel free to use it to help other families know what a wonderful blessing long-term care insurance is to a family.

Click here for this story. If you want to see all the stories, they are on the Life Foundation website at this link: http://www.lifehappens.org/videos/peace-of-mind-for-the-long-term/

Click Here for the 4 minute video of the story

Click here for the video of Phyllis
speaking at the banquet

Click Here for photos from the event


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