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To What Some of Our Seminar Customers Have to Say!

December 17, 2002


Thank you for the personal attention! Just wished, although being fairly new to the LTC field--I wanted to say what a great image you have projected and a positive influence in the insurance industry. I can say honestly, after reading several of your articles that you influenced my direction to LTC.

Thank you again!
Kansas City, MO

November 4, 2002

WOW, what a terrific Worksite Marketing System!!! You really thought of everything.
I had several presentations that had been done by different carriers, but none had the depth or the guidance that you provided. In addition, it was terrific to have the entire "cookbook". Both substance and style were great.

L. Lavender, CLTC
New York City, NY

March 3, 2001


Wanted to drop a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the Nashville seminar - March 2001.

Although I work in the market daily, you again proved this is an ever changing industry, and the importance of staying up to date with legislative changes is vital.

Thanks for the opportunity to purchase LTC News & Comment. It keeps me well informed of breaking news and pending legislation. It will continue to be a permanent part of my practice. The E-Lerts are exactly what I need to stay one step ahead. The E-Alert frequency is quite amazing – and the first thing I check my e-mail for each morning.

Be sure to include us in the 2002 Nashville seminar schedule. If I find myself booked (and I usually do) - I'll make whatever changes are necessary to attend. This seminar is advisable to attend for the purpose of networking and staying up to date with industry changes. It's great to acquire CE this way - a topic I love - - sessions that are not only top notch - but sprinkled with humor from start to finish!

Incidentally, the graphics in the 2001 marketing materials (CD Rom presentation and Flip Chart Presentation) are the best I've seen - beautiful, vibrant color.  My workshop attendees are certainly taking notice - their eyes don't leave the screen. Great work.

And, by the way...the reception wasn't shabby either! :)

Jo Russell, CSA, CLTC

Kingsport, Tenn.

April 24, 2000

Dear Phyllis and Staff,

I have been in just about all phases of the insurance business for 31 years...agent, manager, recruiting, education, teaching and back to agent and I have never enjoyed a seminar more than the recent seminar in Nashville.

It was the most informative in education, product knowledge and”just plain” common sense sales training that I have ever been involved in all the years. If an agent can’t succeed or even excel in LTC sales with the training and ample materials received from LTC Consultants, then he or she didn’t have the desire to begin with.

Thank you and all your staff for making the seminar interesting. Their enthusiasm showed through-out the two days. They are certainly a credit to the obvious success of yourself and LTC Consultants. You most assuredly lived up to your reputation as being the best. I am sending my four other associates to your seminars this year.

Once again, thank you for your dedicated efforts to the LTC insurance industry. I look forward to future seminars.


Loudon, TN

April 4, 2000 e-mail

From: John Dunn
To: info@ltcshelton.com
Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2000 10:23 AM
Subject: Nashville Seminar

I just wanted to drop you this note to tell you how impressed I was with Phyllis' seminar last weekend. It was very intense, but was probably one of the most well-organized, comprehensive, and beneficial seminars I have attended in my 25 years in the insurance business!  I hope I can transfer Phyllis' knowledge and enthusiasm about the need for this product to my community.  I know I will be able to rely on your organization to keep me up to date with everything I need to know to market LTC Insurance in the future. It was also my first visit to Nashville, and the city and the facilities were top notch....

Thanks, again!

July 1999

I want to thank you for the intense training and motivation you provided at your national training meeting in Nashville this past March. In the over 20 years I have been active in the insurance business, I can honestly say I have never left a seminar with more good information and with the sense of urgency I felt to reach out to my clients. What a privilege and an obligation I feel to get the message of LTC out to my customers!

I want to share with you how successful I have been in "getting the word out". At the conclusion of your seminar, I purchased a licensing agreement for your Promises Kept video. Upon my return home, I began sending out the video...to my existing customer base. I can't tell you what an emotional impact this video is having on my clients! Within 60 days of attending your seminar,  I had written 23 applications, and had realized over $40,000 in LTC premium!  Better yet, I am still going strong!

Your dedication to this cause has made a believer out of me. It's great to be so excited again about a product and to know that I am helping people prepare for what could be financially devastating. Thank you for empowering me as an agent!

Santa Rosa, California

June 1999

I enjoyed your Denver training class. Your expertise and teaching has already helped my business.

I appreciate all the time you have put into knowing your field. Thank you for your attention to detail.

Aurora, Colorado

June 1999

LTC Consultants with the expertise of David Miller has done it again. On May 27th we completed our second Long-Term Care seminar with your company. The feedback I have received from agents thus far has been overwhelmingly positive.

As you know we completed our first seminar with your company back in January. Since that time we have seen a marked improvement in the production of new Long-term Care Policies by our agents. Due to the positive response we decided to hold the second seminar which we easily filled with 55 participants.

David Miller is an excellent trainer. He is able to take detailed subject matter and an extremely long day and somehow keep the attention of his audience and help them comprehend the information.

I would strongly recommend your training organization to any who would inquire and wish you the very best in continued success.

Coral Springs, Florida

June 1999

(This testimonial comes from an agent who recently received our new LTC Group  Marketing System )

Well worth waiting for, and just in time for my first group with 50 employees. I will be using the articles and sending to the employees' homes. The corporation was so impressed.

Things are going well, and the "barrel is flowing over". I would tell anyone to be patient and network with attorneys, accountants, bankers, nursing home facilities, etc. The time was well spent with referrals coming in today. It was only 13 months ago that I was at your seminar in Minneapolis.

Thanks Phyllis for all your help!

Green Bay, Wisconsin

May 1999

I have just returned from your LTC seminar in Minneapolis and I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate your having these valuable seminars.

As you may recall, I have now been to three of them. I go to keep updated and because attending them helps my sales production. Each time, I am impressed with the quality of everything presented - the technical information; the selling methods and materials available; and your commitment to helping agents "spread the word" about the need for LTC insurance.

Incidentally, I have found that the Flip-Chart works like magic in riveting the attention of prospects to the subject. It sells for me!

Fort Scott, Kansas

March 1999

Well, as expected, I was very pleased with your presentation! Thanks for your preparation, knowledge and professionalism.

The comments on the convention this year were extremely positive ... I have a feeling you  will be hearing from and seeing more of our Agents this year.

Omaha, Nebraska

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