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LTC Economic Impact

Powerful New LTC Economic Impact Planning Software ™ ! Simplify the LTC decision process. How long does it take to determine the impact of tax and lost investment opportunity on your clientís portfolio due to long-term care expenses? How long does it take you to plan several scenarios using different cost of care, tax, and investment assumptions? The LTC Economic Impact Planning Model Software™ does it in minutes!  And the really GREAT news is, you can get this software at the very special price of $299 through LTC Consultants.

The LTC Economic Impact Planning Model™ was designed for use by professional advisors, their clients, and others seeking a comprehensive understanding of the financial impact of different LTC planning scenarios. Economic impact projections are based on specific planning assumptions controlled by the individual planner.

This financial planning software is a result of 10 years of experience working with professional advisors who need an efficient way to simplify complex emotional and financial issues.

This software sells for only $299. Wanna take a tour? Click here to see sample reports and input screens.

What a great way to prepare for successful sales in 2001!

P.S. Ever hear the advice to allow affluent clients to self-insure the inflation benefit since buying inflation means doubling the premium in many cases? Letís examine this idea carefully: Click here - you may be surprised!

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