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Video Marketing At Its Best
by Lori Odom

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Ed Ritch, of Santa Rosa, California was his company's leading disability insurance producer for three years prior to focusing on long-term care insurance. He began actively marketing long-term care insurance after one of his clients wound up in a nursing home with Alzheimer's. Fortunately, she had purchased a long-term care insurance policy from Ed ten years earlier.

After seeing an advertisement for Promises Kept, Ed purchased a copy. Bowled over by its content, he took the video to his next door neighbor for her reaction. When the video was over, she looked at Ed and said, "I need this (ltc insurance)...my mother needs it...call my brother, he's an estate planning lawyer, and tell him to watch this tape." Indeed, her brother not only watched Promises Kept, but he referred Ed to one of his clients. Within days, Ed had collected a check in the amount of $7000 from just this one referral.

Encouraged by Promises Kept's impact, Ed made plans to attend LTC Consultants' two- day University on Wheels LTC Seminar in Nashville, TN. The experience was so motivational for Ed that he could barely wait to incorporate the new ideas and techniques into his marketing plan. He remembers his thoughts on the plane trip home, "Boy, I could sell a lot of LTC insurance if I wasn't so busy with all of my clients." Then, he thought, "Wait a minute! Hardly any of them have LTC Insurance. I'll just get the videos to them, not invest much time in that process, and see what happens." Ed had purchased the Promises Kept Video Licensing Agreement from LTC Consultants at the seminar along with the Ultimate Selling System.

The licensing agreement included the creation of a master video which featured Ed's photo and contact information. The licensing agreement also allowed Ed to purchase additional customized videos for only $5 per video. The quality of the presentation coupled with the low cost per lead proved to be a winning combination for Ed, for within 6 months of receiving his first order of customized videos, Ed booked over $100,000 of premiums. He won't talk to a client until he or she has watched the video. If the client hasn't watched after a couple of weeks, he picks it up. If they do watch it, his face-to-face time is spent with the benefit consultation, not selling the need.

He says, "..getting and using these videos is probably one of the best decisions I ever made. They've not only helped me earn a lot of money, but they've created a lot of other very positive changes in my professional life. I tell my colleagues that if they aren't selling LTC coverage to their clients, somebody else will and those people won't be their clients anymore. And if they're going to sell LTC products, in my experience, there just isn't any better way to do that than by using Promises Kept. It's just that simple."

Lori Odom is Sales Manager for LTC Consultants.

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