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It's About Time. . .A New Marketing Idea For LTC Insurance

by Phyllis Shelton

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“I tell my colleagues that if they aren't selling LTC coverage to their clients, somebody else will and those people won't be their clients anymore. And if they're going to sell LTC products, in my experience, there just isn't any better way to do that than by using Promises Kept."

This statement comes from Ed Ritch of Santa Rosa, California, Lifetime Member of The Million Dollar Round Table who has sold $100,000 of LTC premium in six months by using the consumer video, Promises Kept: The Role of Long-Term Care Insurance in Taking Care of Your Family.

After being his former company's leading DI producer for three years, Mr.  Ritch shifted his focus to LTC after many of his 1,500 age 50-something clients  began to ask him about it and after it became more difficult to get disability cases underwritten favorably. He ordered Promises Kept from a LIFE INSURANCE SELLING ad and was astonished at its impact - first on himself, then on his next-door neighbor, a marketing rep for a software company. After watching the 22 minute video in silence, she said "I need this...my mother needs it...call my brother - he's an estate planning lawyer and tell him to watch this tape." Within a week, Ritch had secured a $7,000 LTC premium from one of her  brother's estate planning clients.

At that point, he attended a two-day training class by Phyllis Shelton, one  of the video's producers.

"I was amazed at her dedication, her power and how hard she worked for 12  hours to make sure that we became the very best LTC salespeople we could be.  That's because she feels so strongly about the need for LTC insurance. And while  I was at the training, I bought everything she sells, including a license to the Promises Kept video.

I didn't have a lot of time, so for one day a week for a month, I focused on handing tapes to my clients. I'd tell them €˜You've know me for a long time, so trust me when I say it's really important that you take 20 minutes and watch this video.' After they watched the video, we wouldn't talk about whether they needed LTC insurance, I just designed the coverage.

And, my life insurance production has gone up 30%! While lots of people are reluctant to talk about life insurance, it seems like everyone is  interested in long-term care. After they watch the video, they not only buy LTC  insurance but they're a lot more open about discussing survivorship protection,  estate planning, etc. I won't talk to my clients until they watch it, because it  does in 20 minutes what it would take me an hour to do. It answers the objections before the prospects think of them. After they watch it, the sales is assumed and I go right to a discussion of optimal policy design."

Don't wait - call 1-800-844-4893 and see p. 11 of Phyllis Shelton's new  "Catalogue 2000" to learn more about this exciting lead generation video! Or click here to read  about it on this web site.

Phyllis Shelton  is President of LTC Consultants, a Nashville, Tennessee based firm that  provides live and correspondence training with continuing education credits and  marketing and sales aids to the insurance industry. Call 1-800-844-4893 for her 2000 training schedule, a free materials catalogue, and  information on private training classes.

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