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We constantly strive to bring you the finest LTC Training and Marketing Materials in the industry.

Every piece of our LTC Marketing Materials is updated annually so you have the most current information... always! You can purchase updates to your materials annually at a nominal cost.

Here are some additional services available from LTC  Consultants.

  • On-Site LTC Agent Training Seminars

Our national trainers will bring our exciting 1 1/2 day seminar TO  YOU!

All you or your organization has to do is gather 30 or more agents together and sponsor the event. We'll conduct the very same 1 1/2 day seminar that  Phyllis Shelton has built her reputation on. Want to book a seminar for your organization? Contact  us for all the details!

  • Partners in LTC Training Program

Your organization could join the Partners in LTC Training Program, which can entitle members to year round discounts on our training seminars and marketing materials.

  • Customized Materials

All of our marketing  materials are available to insurance companies and / or organizations who  wish to "buy the rights" to use them in their training and marketing programs. We'll work with you to customize them for your company. Contact us for more details!

  • Product Consulting

Phyllis  Shelton, President of LTC Consultants, is available to insurance companies on a consulting basis to develop LTC products as well as training and  marketing programs.

  • Web-Site Advertising

You could have your advertisement on this site! Find out more!

  • Motivational Speeches

Thousands of agents have experienced Phyllis Shelton's powerful motivational LTC message. This 1 1/2 hour live motivational presentation will motivate your agents to sell LTC insurance by developing the need for LTC insurance, and talking about the fabulous opportunity that each agent has before him or her.  Watch your LTC business soar after this exciting speech. This is a multi-purpose speech that can also be given to affinity groups to motivate them to purchase LTC insurance.

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